Founder's Vision - Updated

Building the largest Horse Trail directory in the U.S.

My name is J.R. Hull and I am the founder of the "Open Trail" project. I developed "Open Trail" because I seen a need to create interactive maps of horseback riders' favorite trails, and a way to share them with other riders, and most importantly to record our National Trail System.

Open Trail is quickly becoming the hub of trail riding activity with our interactive features which allow riders to check in, post pictures, rate trails, and provide additional useful information for future trail rides. In the few short months since the launch of the website we are quickly approaching 12,500 miles uploaded to the website.

The history of horseback riding is integral to our heritage, Open Trail's goal is to build the largest repository of horse trails in the U.S. - and arm organizations that maintain and advocate for horse trails with essential data to fight for our National Trails... Our goal is to provide support, equipment, and training to a number of trail associations around the US so they can map their local trails and commit the trails to our national repository.

If "Open Trail" has proven useful to you, a donation would be greatly appreciated. Any amount is O.K. Click the "GoFundMe" button to donate by credit or debit card. If you wish to sponsor one of our events or projects please contact me at:

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