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National Equestrian Trails Coalition and Open Trail Join Forces

National Equestrian Trails Coalition is pleased to join forces with Open Trail to provide even more value to our members. Open Trail has over 20,000 trail miles uploaded by over 500 members since March of 2014, and is growing everyday. Open Trail's long term goal is to provide the largest repository of horse trails in the U.S.

The National Equestrian Trails Coalition was formed to be a unified and proactive voice providing information and education in the preservation and promotion of equestrian trails on our National and State public lands as well as a resource for the private business partner and concessionaire.

Joining forces with Open Trail was a logical choice to provide more value to our members and to support the vision and mission of protecting and saving horse trails for future generations says Lori Gilmore, Founder of National Equestrian Trails Coalition.

By combining forces, benefits extend to both Open Trail and National Equestrian Trails Coalition for advocating for our horse trails. Open Trail is an on-line trail database, created to document actual trail usage in the US and arm organizations that maintain and advocate for our trails with essential data to fight for our National Treasure... The Open Trail says JR Hull, Founder of Open Trail.

For additional information or media inquiries, please contact:

The Open Trail Project
J.R. Hull - Founder
National Equine Trail Coalition
Lori Gilmore - Founder

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