One Year Anniversary!

We are celibrating our 1 year Anniversary

Building the largest Horse Trail directory in the U.S.
My name is J.R. Hull and I am the founder of the "Open Trail" project. I developed "Open Trail" because I seen a need to create interactive maps of horseback riders' favorite trails, and a way to share them with other riders, and most importantly to record our National Treasure - The Open Trail.

In 12 months since "Open Trail" was launched over 40,000 miles of trails have been uploaded by over 700 members, and we are growing everyday.... and to celebrate we are giving away 5 Rope Halter custom made for "Open Trail"

Anniversary Challenge:
Any rider currently registered at Top Trail with 5 or more trails uploaded during the month of March will automatically be entered into a drawing to win one of five "Open Trail" Custom Rope Halter.

Thanks for using Open Trail!
J.R. Hull - Open Trail Founder

  • Challenge time begins the 1st day of March at 12:00 am CST and runs to ends the end of the at 11:59 pm CST.
  • Uploaded trail tracks must be actual trails ridden only during the period described above and must be uploaded to your “Top Trail” profile within 2 business days of the completion of each ride.
  • Uploaded trails must be at least one mile in length and not ridden in an arena.
  • Anniversary Challenge winners will be announced and notified the within a week of the end of the challenge, and after all miles have been uploaded/verified.

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I could never resist the call of the Open Trail.

Buffalo Bill

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